Our Story

In 2009, husband and wife team Scott and Jennifer Wohlander saw the opportunity to combine their respective experience in advanced data analytics and customer engagement to create Coverent. Initial clients were in the government sector and since, Coverent has blossomed and expanded into the commercial sector.

Today, we are a team of passionate, dedicated professionals in the fields of data science, consumer marketing, and specialized business intelligence.

We serve a limited number of clients who prize our experience, our thought leadership, and the positive impact of our efforts.


Insights for Impact

Our tagline captures our vision of using innovative methodologies, grounded in data science, to help clients find the most effective and efficient ways of achieving their goals.

Innovation is often born from adversity; the most difficult challenges force new perspectives.

How We Think and Act

Coverent was founded, and has thrived, on a few basic principles:

  • Our clients are our partners. Our primary purpose is to help them achieve their objectives. As our clients achieve success, we benefit by gaining knowledge and goodwill within our client’s organization.
  • We thrive on difficult challenges. We are able to provide expert advice because we are practitioners – we have done, and do, what we recommend.
  • At all times, we treat our clients and each other with respect.
  • We welcome different approaches and prize ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.