Data Mastery + Proven Approaches =
Results Focused Solutions

Coverent helps clients realize exponential gains in performance across the domains of strategy, marketing, and operations. We apply data science to isolate, measure, and act on the factors that define “success,” using proven methodologies tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

For businesses, Coverent harnesses data to design, implement, and evaluate high-ROI marketing and customer experience initiatives. For government and non-profits, Coverent helps clients use data analytics to measure the impact of programs, improve their ability to meet customer needs, and maximize mission impact.


Coverent cultivates and optimizes brand-consumer relationships through the innovative application of best practices. We make use of advanced data science to define and measure the entire marketing equation. Coupled with our multi-channel experience, we are able to rapidly improve marketing’s effectiveness and efficiency.


Who we serve:

Executive Leaders
Chief Marketing Officers
Marketing Directors
Marketing Intelligence and Data Management Managers
CRM and Direct Marketing Managers
Product Managers
Program Managers In Acquisition
Loyalty and Customer Value

Data is the language of marketing. Data lets us define, measure and manage the marketing equation to both improve the consumer experience and allocate marketing investment.

We Help Clients:

Establish a Framework for Marketing Success

Become Customer-Centric

Develop High-ROI Marketing Programs

Convert Data into an Actionable Asset

Solve Pressing Strategic Marketing Problems

Coverent illuminates how individuals interact with your brand across channels – bought, owned and earned – to determine the points of leverage essential to meet business objectives:

  • Design and conduct primary research utilizing sophisticated social science methodologies
  • Map brand experience/customer journey
  • Analyze data to measure attitudinal-behavioral-monetary relationships and create actionable segmentation and customer profiles

Coverent enables customer-centric marketing by assessing internal capabilities as well as consumer-facing activities:

  • Determine organizational readiness across multiple functions: infrastructure, data, talent, measurement systems, processes, content, and communications platforms
  • Deploy measurement systems to respond to challenges and opportunities while managing consumer marketing investment

Coverent develops strategically-integrated marketing programs to gain, retain and grow customers and reward desired behavior:

  • Evaluate, analyze, and manage data to understand individual consumer needs and create rules for variable investment, prediction of next logical purchase, scoring of ’loyalty’ and prediction of attrition
  • Communicate effectively across channels – retail, social, web, offline – to surround the consumer with a consistent presence that shows we understand individual needs and deliver against them
  • Work with existing agency relationships or provide communications development as required

Coverent converts data into knowledge to illuminate the context and meaning of disparate data sets by employing state of the art analysis tools:

  • Deconstruct problem sets, identify relevant data, validate hypotheses, and present actionable recommendations with our “tiger teams” of data scientists
  • Create multidimensional segmentation schema to enhance customer knowledge and help target prospects
  • Utilize sophisticated tools ranging from game theory to content analysis as required to reveal novel insights

Coverent is expert at helping clients solve complex problems and seize opportunities:

  • Frame and deconstruct problem sets, identify relevant data, test core hypotheses, and present actionable analysis and recommendations around core marketing issues
  • Guide media investment through attribution modeling – how channels intersect to influence engagement and purchase
  • Synthesize and present complex data sets in terms that business leaders can understand

Services For Government
and Non-Profits

Coverent is a performance force multiplier – we use advanced analytics, data science, and appropriate research methodologies to help clients maximize mission and business effectiveness, and identify efficiencies in today’s “do more with less” environment.

Who we serve:

Executive Leaders
Office/Unit Directors
Resource Managers
Program Managers
Membership Services
Chief Performance Officers
Directors of Quality

Advanced data analysis provides government and non-profit organizations essential insights that help ensure mission success.

We Help Clients:

Measure and Improve Organizational Performance

Improve Ability to Meet Customer Needs

Develop, Implement, and Evaluate Strategic Communications

Apply Advanced Analytics and Data Science to New Problem Sets

Coverent applies performance management and program evaluation methodologies to help clients systematically measure and enhance effectiveness:

  • Develop performance indicators and Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) that are methodologically rigorous, meaningful to stakeholders, and practical to act on
  • Apply social scientific research designs and novel analytic methods that reveal evidence of impact and opportunities for program enhancements
  • Produce results that go beyond the intuitive and work side-by-side with clients to implement and demonstrate evidence of impact

Coverent applies commercial marketing and Customer Experience Management (CEM) methodologies to help clients achieve their mission by meeting customer needs:

  • Use a scientific, data-driven approach that blends quantitative and qualitative research techniques to reveal insights about customer needs
  • Develop solutions – in collaboration with client leadership – to enhance organizational abilities across dimensions of infrastructure, data, talent, measurement systems, and processes
  • Deploy measurement approaches and systems to systematically assess results of efforts and evidence of improved customer focus

Coverent deconstructs and designs optimized strategic communications programs using adaptations of scientific methods from commercial marketing, leading to a data-driven understanding of the factors that drive engagement from key audiences and stakeholders:

  • Employ proven methodologies for understanding stakeholder and audience attitudes, motivators, and behaviors
  • Develop and apply advanced analytics to identify influentials, assess message resonance, and measure audience response
  • Design strategies to maximize audience engagement with the right message delivered at the right time in the right way

Coverent goes beyond the hype of “big data” – we help clients make sense of large volumes of disparate data with a team of expert data scientists and domain experts who use available and open source tools to produce results quickly:

  • Deconstruct problem sets, identify relevant data, validate hypotheses, employ innovative analytic methods, and present actionable recommendations with our “tiger teams” of data scientists
  • Apply appropriate methodologies selected from our broad range of expertise, including statistical analysis for explanatory and predictive modeling, simulation, game theory, and text analytics
  • Employ proficiencies in analytic tools including SPSS, SAS, and open source platforms such as R